DIY, decorating, and navigating through life as a newlywed.

Our Townhouse

Our Townhouse

Here it is, our townhouse!  It's located in a medium-sized city in Central Illinois, about two hours south of Chicago.  Our subdivision is mostly zero-lot-lines and town homes, and is made up of two extremes: newlyweds or retirees.  

We purchased our house in July of 2010 and have been working hard to make improvements to the eight year old house.  Our townhouse is approximately 1750 square feet, and seems to be just right for two people and a dog.

Love our bright blue door!  It used to be boring black.

We need to do some landscaping this summer.  I'm so excited to make
our curb appeal more presentable!

The Entryway (in progress)

Entryway Before

Entryway After

Entryway After

Of course, we still have a lot of work to do down there.  We'd like to get hardwoods soon (hopefully this summer) because that tile is just so blah.  But the blue really makes it feel bigger and brighter down there, which is great!  We love the color!  

Downstairs Bonus Room (progress)

Our downstairs bonus room is HUGE!  It's so hard to figure out how to define this space, but I think we are well on our way.  It's a craft room, an office, a workout space, and a book collection.  We are still trying to figure out a way to get it all together, though.

Before.  Blah.  Cluttered.  Terrible. 

We still have plans to possibly add a closet to this space.

After.  So much brighter!

My "Target-hack" on three Target bookshelves.  I'm slowly working
to fill these up.  Most of my books are at my classroom.

Guest Bathroom

Our guest bathroom is down the hallway off of our living room.  We plan on painting it, but we do not know what color yet.  I actually don't mind the color it is now, but the previous owner painted all of the walls with cheap, flat paint.  You can literally see every drop of water on those walls!  Not a good choice for the bathroom.  We also plan to redo the tile, mostly because that white tile makes me think of an elementary school bathroom.  But it'll do for now until we get the funds to spiffy it up a bit.

See that vase?  DIY centerpieces
from our wedding.  

Guest Bedroom (in progress)

Our guest bedroom is just at the end of the hallway off of our living room, right next to our master bedroom suite.  Since DH is a HUGE Florida Gators fan, I told him that he could have this room as his "Gator Room."  Looking at so many pictures of beautiful, sophisticated guest bedrooms makes me regret this decision a bit.  Oh well.  I guess in your starter home you have to compromise a bit, especially when there are only two bedrooms.  

Got DH that authentic Tebow jersey for a wedding gift.

Check out that beautiful window seat! 

Master Bedroom (in progress)

Our master bedroom has gone through a couple changes since moving in.  When we bought our townhouse, it was the same color as the entryway used to be.  I felt as though I just couldn't sleep in a room that bothered me so much, so I hastily picked out a paint color, a deep brown, that I thought I liked.  Well, I didn't.  So now the bedroom is still in progress, but it's painted in Valspar's Woodlawn Silver Brook.  I'm in the process of painting my furniture white; the bed will be done this Spring.

Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom was that same terrible maroon color as our entryway, and we really wanted to make the bathroom feel cleaner and larger.  We chose Behr's Gray Morning, and love the way that the bathroom turned out!  I still have some finishing touches to add, so I'll update these pictures when the bathroom is fully completed!

Still working on getting a vanity light up.

Right above the toilet.  Need to pick up some
candles, too.

Laundry Room (finished) 

So our little laundry "room," well more of a closet really, was the same hideous maroon as most of our house.  I decided that it needed to be fun and bright, so the boring task of laundry could be a little better.  What color is happier than hot pink!?

**Stay tuned...  I need some alone time with my camera (oh, and my house needs to be mildly clean, too) for more pictures of the house.