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Saturday, June 29, 2013

I love weddings! Drinks all around!

Thank you, Captain Jack Sparrow, for such a wonderful way to express my love of weddings.

Why am I expressing my love of weddings?  Sure, it's wedding season, but I don't have any weddings to go to this summer.  Last night, my best friend got engaged!!  I'm so excited for her!

So of course I wanted to buy her an engagement present, but not just something generic.  When I got engaged (4 years ago... holy cow...), I received a lot of engagement presents and cards from close friends and family, but a lot of the things that I got weren't very useful to me.  I appreciated all of the bridal magazines and flowers; they were very nice gestures.  But when thinking of what to get my bestie for an engagement present, I thought to myself, "What would have been useful to me when I got engaged?" 

The answer: a wedding planner.  Yeah, couldn't afford a real human, but a binder that was already organized/personalized would've been great.  I ended up shoving a lot of my wedding stuff into a manilla folder.  I know, not the more organized way to go, but I didn't want to shell out $30-$40 on a pre-made wedding planning binder, nor did I want to take the time to put together a binder of my own.  I just wanted to get to the planning!

So I decided to make Betsy, my best friend, a personalized wedding planning binder.  I'm not sure what colors she'll pick for her wedding colors, but I picked the blues and purples based on our I-want-my-wedding-to-look-like-this conversations we've had since the seventh grade, as well as her wedding Pinterest board.  If she doesn't pick these colors, I still think they're classy and bridal, so I'm crossing my fingers that the colors will be okay.  Hopefully she likes it!

Since they haven't set a date yet (come on, they've only
been engaged for a day), I put "Summer 2014" and
I'll print off a new one for her when they set
a wedding date!

I labeled tabs with all of the categories that I probably would've used
had I made my own binder four years ago for my own wedding.

I created a monthly calendar from now until August 2014 and put them
into the binder.  On the left side, I put notes about things to get
done during that month. 

I picked up three Post-It pockets to hold receipts.  I put them on the "Bride,"
"Reception," and "Vendor" tabs.

Finally, I picked up one big plastic envelope that I placed in the
back of the binder to hold some of the bigger papers and
receipts Betsy might want to hold on to.

I hope that she'll like it and find it useful in the wedding planning process!  

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