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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hello, Blogland! It's been a while!

What's up, readers!?  I know, it's been FOREVER since I've posted anything.  Life has been insane.  Here's what you've missed:

  1. Our floors--you know, those ones we started installing in March--were a nightmare.  A flippin' nightmare (more on that later).
  2. I got a new job!  After three years of looking, I finally landed a teaching job close to home!  I loved my old school, but working an hour from home just wasn't feasible, especially with wanting a family in the future and $4.00 per gallon gas prices.  
  3. Along the lines of getting a new job, I had to wrap up my last few months at my previous school with a bang!  I guess that meant not spending hardly any time at hom the entire month of May.
  4. The broskie graduated.  Yep.  We had that graduation party, along with one in Wisconsin, to help set up.
So, there's what's been going on with my life in a nutshell, a really little nutshell.  Now, back to those nightmare floors...

If you recall, way back in March, over my Spring Break to be exact, we decided to start installing laminate hardwoods by ourselves.  3/4 of the project went awesome.  We were putting those babies down without a hitch.  Then, we had to go pick up the second batch of floor that we had ordered when we bought Home Depot out of all of their stock of our selected flooring, Hampton Bay's Enderbury Hickory laminate.

All of the boards in our second batch of flooring were crap.  The tongue and groove sections literally disintegrated when clicking together.  So we called HD and told them the issue.  They said to tear up what we had laid of the second batch, bring it back, and get a new batch.  

So we did.  Same result.  

By this point, my Spring Break was long gone.  We returned the exchanged flooring to HD, where they double checked the tongue and grooves to make sure it wasn't our fault that the boards were breaking.  It wasn't.  The boards broke with the "professionals" too.

At this point, HD, whose customer service was really amazing throughout this whole process, told us that we could now go home, tear up all of the flooring we'd laid, and exchange it for a new product.  So we did.  Because we didn't want a crap product laid down and looking pretty, only to break in a year or less.

HD upgraded us to their highest quality laminate, the Pergo XP Highland Hickory, for the same price we paid for the original laminate, which was about a dollar less per square foot. They they gave us half-off of an install because, honestly, at this point I was completely exhausted and just wanted the floor done.  It was a week and a half after my Spring Break.  

So, a week and a half later, the pros from HD came and installed our new laminate in, like, four hours!  It was beautiful and totally worth the $400 we paid them to install not to have to do it ourselves.   

Here you have it, after months of waiting, our new floor!

I also repainted the walls a peacock blue!

The tile we laid was the only thing that ended up being a total
DIY project.

Pardon all of my classroom junk chilling by my craft nook.  It
will all find a new home in my new school!

We also bought a beautiful new futon from Furniture Row.  Yes,
beautiful and futon can be used together.  Trust me,
this baby is nice.

So there it is.  It isn't 100% put together yet, but that's a summer task.  May was insane.  I promise.  

Stay tuned for more downstairs room updates, as well as what I'm going to do to this bad boy:

I'll give you a hint: It's something for the downstairs.

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