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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Floors!

We bit the bullet today and, using the hubby's big bonus for the year, bought new flooring for our downstairs bonus room.  I am so excited to see this room turn into something functional in the next week or so!

We started with a whole lot of stained, icky berber carpeting with a really thin, wimpy carpet pad.  Between myself, the hubs, and two good friends, we got all of the molding pulled off and the carpeting pulled up in about an hour.

Even Zeke wanted to help us tear up the house!

Hey, mom, what are you doing to my house?

When all of the carpet was torn up, a lovely surprise was revealed... a gigantic crack in the concrete. 

But, hey, no worries.  We can fix that.  

So we started to lay down the tile around the door to our walk-out patio.  This will be so nice to have, since the dog does an awesome job dragging mud and gunk from the outside into our house.  The carpet in that spot was disgusting.  We will grout tomorrow.

There you have it: our progress so far.  Not bad for day one, I think, especially since it only took about 3.5 hours to accomplish.  The agenda for tomorrow includes grouting the tile and laying down the underlayment for the 13 boxes of laminate flooring.

Our goal is to have this all done by Friday, so hopefully that can be a reality!

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  1. not bad!! We are finally 95% done on our flooring and we LOVE it so much. I cant wait to see your finished floors!