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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What's for Dinner?

How many times a week do I hear that?  You probably hear that a lot too, especially if you have kids (just a guess, since I used to ask my mom that a million times after school when I lived at home).  The hubs is famous for asking this throughout the day.

Lately, I've been really good about planning out our weekly menu, and only getting things at the store to satisfy our weekly needs.  I find that planning out the menu for the week eliminates the amount of food we throw out, and it keeps us from eating out more than once a week; both save us a good amount of money and keep us eating healthy.

So when crafting with a couple friends yesterday, I decided I wanted to make a dry erase menu, as I've seen all over Pinterest.  I picked up a long, skinny frame from Michael's for $12.99, on sale.  I also grabbed some scrapbooking stickers and some scrapbooking paper (all also on sale).  I sliced seven different papers into 3x10 inch strips, taped them to the back of the frame, added my stickers, and I had an instant weekly menu for about $15!

I just need to pick up a dry erase marker when I go shopping tomorrow, and we're set!  I thought about painting the frame white to go with all of the molding and whatnot in the kitchen, but I kind of like that it stands out more with the black since it's right next to the white cabinets.  I'm also considering picking up some of those little wooden letters to add "Menu" to the top of the frame.  We'll see.  For now, I love it!

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  1. Very cute, I like your idea better, I just did a fabric on a smaller frame, they have great colors when you get your dry erase markers!