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Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple (and cheap!) Storage Solution

So, lately I noticed that I've been buying things that I already have.  You know, things like Pledge and Windex and whatnot.  The reason I've been buying doubles of these things is because I truly believed that I was out of them.   Why did I believe this?  

Well... I'm not proud of this, but my cabinet under the sink looked like this:

Avert your eyes!  Look away!

Go ahead.  Judge me all you want.  Yes, that's my overflowing recycle bin on the left.  And yes, you are seeing that correctly.  It is overflowing with beer bottles.  Yup.  I told you that I wasn't proud of this.

Enter: Over the Door Shoe Hanger.  I'd seen the picture below on Pinterest a while back, and I thought to myself, "This is so simple.  I need to do this."  And then months and months passed and I didn't do it.

Now, whoever owns this house has way more cleaning
supplies than I.  Their house must be impeccable.

But while I was grocery shopping today, I scored one of those suckers in the sale section near all of the dorm room stuff.  Sometimes I love living in a college town, sometimes I don't.  Today, I loved it.  Until I encountered the traffic jam on my way home near the dorms where people were trying to unload all of their stuff onto the sidewalk as fast as possible.  That I don't love. 

Anyway, I picked up this baby for $7:

And my under the sink cabinet went from this... this...

Yeah, yeah.  I know I need to go dump my recycling.  Give me a break.
The recycling doesn't come until Friday.  And our bins in the garage
are overflowing.  We recycle a lot.  That should earn me some
brownie points, right?

...all because my stuff went here:

I aspire to have this sucker one day resemble the
Pinterest picture, full of cleaning supplies that
I will probably never use.

It's a beautiful thing.  Really.  Pinterest is bound to make a homemaker out of me yet.

Anybody have other simple storage solutions they want to share with the class?

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