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Sunday, July 15, 2012

We've Got Swagger

Well... at least our dining nook light does.

I don't know what got into the hubs this weekend, but he came home on Friday night ready to get stuff done around the house.  Of course, I was not going to object.  So we drove our happy butts to Home Depot to buy a new light for our guest bathroom, which has been on the list for quite some time.  We also wanted to find a chandelier for above our dining table, even though it doesn't have its own room; it's more of a nook, really.  We found that on clearance for $82 at Menard's.  Great success.

The bathroom light matches our master bathroom light, but it's the two light version rather than the three light.  It was super easy to put up, and we got that done on Friday night. 

Before.  We had to pry that light fixture off with a
flat-head screwdriver.  It was a pain.

After.  Much better.  It really brightens up the space a ton.  You can
see the old bathroom gray there.  Yes, I'll fix that in the very
near future, but we just wanted the light up.

At this point in the evening, it was far too dark without power on in the kitchen to put up the dining nook light.  That had to wait until this morning.

I will tell you right now: this light was a bitch.  What we thought would be simple, took us nearly two hours to install.  This was partially due to really poor directions and partially to the hubs and I freaking out on each other in frustration.

First, we removed the boob light.

Before.  What a cute little nipple.  But certainly not suited for
a dining nook.

After much frustration and freaking out, we finally got the light up.  But there was a little problem...

Don't worry.  We knew that it would be off-center.
We cannot move our table anywhere else.

So we went to the gym to work off some of that frustration, and ran by Lowe's on the way to pick up one of these bad boys to give some swagger to our light.

One of the easiest installs I've done in my life.
3 minutes.  I was timed.

We then swagged the light to be centered above our table.  Beautiful.

Thanks, HGTV, for showing me this option exists. 

And the finished product.  I love how it makes it look like our table should be in that little nook now.

Zeke approves.

The best part of this whole adventure?  I have finally successfully used "swagger" in a sentence multiple times and not sounded like a total tool.

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