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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Get Fit(bit)!

Now, I know that my blog is usually all about DIY projects and home improvements, but I've got to share this nifty little gadget that I bought today with some of my birthday cash (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

It's the Fitbit  Ultra.

And it is awesome.

Yes, I know that I've not even had it for a day, but I'm so psyched about this little guy!  What's it do?  Basically, it keeps you more aware of your daily activity.  It monitors how many steps you take, stairs you climb, calories you burn, and distance you travel in a day.  On top of that, it syncs up to their website where you can log your daily food intake, activities (work-out related), water consumption, and all kinds of other good stuff.  You have to be near the wireless charger for it to sync automatically, or you can set it up on that baby to charge and it'll sync to the site that way.  It's also got an Android app, which I like, too.  That way, I can keep track of my food right after eating, rather than waiting until I'm around my home computer.

Did I mention that this thing is tiny?  It's about the width of my thumbnail across, and as long as my pinkie finger.  You can clip it on just about anywhere, which is why I like it as opposed to an armband or something like that.  It's hardly noticeable, which means that only my Fitbit and I need to know that I've got one helping me stay on track with my diet/activity.  At $99, it might seem a little pricey, but compared to spending $17 a month on Weight Watchers, I think this'll be good in the long run.  Plus, there are a few more of the Fitbit's cousins that were quite a bit pricier--we're talking in the $150+ range.  

I'll keep you updated on how much I love this thing (or if my views totally change) once I've used it for a month or so.  But right now, I'm loving it!  I really think it's going to help me keep myself accountable for being active this summer.

P.S. This is a totally unsolicited review of the Fitbit.  I just like it so much that I had to share it with you guys!   

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