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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pinterest Love

Okay, blogland.  I promise that I haven't been ignoring you.  Pinkie swear.  My camera is broken.  Yep, that little lady that I've been complaining about for the past six months or so has finally kicked the bucket.  I've got some great pictures of some little things I've been working on that are just trapped inside of the broken camera, unable to transfer them to my computer for you to see.  The hubs is trying to fix it, but I fear the worst.  However, my birthday is coming up at the end of May, so maybe I can get a new camera then.  You may have to suffer through some phone pictures until then if the hubs can't work his magic.  Sad day.

So, in lieu of my finished projects, I'll share some of the inspiring things I've been pinteresting lately.

Love everything about this little eating nook.  

I don't have kids.  I don't want them for at least 5
years.  But, when I do have them, a bed like
this would be the ultimate kid's bed.

How can you not love that

Yep.  If I ever build my own house, this is
a total must.

How great would this be on my deck off
of the kitchen?

I love literally everything about this kitchen.

Cute way to tell people to take off their shoes.
Of course, it would be Zeke's feet...

Cool office calendar idea.

Love this idea.  Maybe I can score an old shutter at the thrift
market next month.

Yes.  Great idea.

Such a great living area.
And now, just for some pit bull love, I have to add these:

What a fabulous picture.  

I hope that Zeke doesn't feel like this about us...
So yeah, that's what I've been doing a lot of lately due to my camera situation.  Pinterest: what a great idea.  Hopefully I can get back to posting the things I've been doing soon; fingers crossed that the hubs can fix up my camera!

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  1. haha, I almost peed my pants with the last photo!