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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Upholstered Headboard

Since I was in need of a new headboard for my master bedroom, I had a few choices, but ultimately decided on a DIY upholstered headboard.  

There were a few reasons for this.  One: Today we visited Habitat Restore, and found that most of the doors there were not solid wood.  The ones that were solid wood were simply flat front panels with no detail.  Bo-ring.  Two: An upholstered headboard and a revamped/recycled door headboard would be approximately the same price.  Three: An upholstered headboard meant that I could use a staple gun.  Yes!

After deciding on an upholstered headboard, I did some research around various blogs to come up with my own idea.  I didn't really follow any one tutorial; rather, I combined what I liked of some and disregarded what I didn't.  

Here's how I did my business.

1 piece of particle board cut to 62"W x 40"H (plywood would work fine, but particle board was cheaper and I knew it'd do the job)
1 bag quilt batting (Queen size)
3 yards fabric of choice
Staple gun and staples

1. Lay your batting down on a flat surface.  I folded mine over twice for extra thickness.  Gently lay particle board over batting and trim batting to size.

2. Pull batting tight and staple, folding corners as you would wrap a present.  I stapled about every inch.

3. Next, lay out fabric and--this next step is very important if your fabric has been folded for any length of time--iron before placing the wood on top of it.

4. Staple your fabric to the board in the same way that you stapled the batting.  I had a little trouble at the corners here since the batting and fabric together were so thick that the staple wouldn't go through to the board.  I just trimmed away one layer of batting, and that fixed the problem.

5. At this point, the upholstering is done!  But, you still need to put on the hardware to hang this bad boy to your wall.  We used a French Cleat from Home Depot.  It was $10, so a little pricey, but it did the job beautifully and it was so simple.

6. Get the other side of your French Cleat secured to the wall where you're planning to hang the headboard.  Get the headboard clicked into place and...'re done!!

Here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment:

I chose this fabric due to the tweed appearance.  It
matches the subtle tweed pattern in our duvet.
Also, it's neutral enough that I don't have to worry
about it if I change the bedding in the future.

I'm debating two things at the moment: 1) Is it too high?  2) Should I also add nailhead trim?  Here are my current thoughts on these questions.  1) Meh... maybe?  2) I'm thinking yes.  But I went to literally every craft and fabric store in town, all 5 of them, and none of them have nailhead trim.  This means that I will have to order it online.

I really love the way it looks in my room.  I know that I need some colorful pillows on the bed, but I'm struggling to find the right color and the right pillows.  So that search will continue.  I'm also quite proud of myself, as I've never upholstered anything before.

Total cost for this project? $76.  I spent $38 on fabric and batting, and $38 on a staple gun, staples, hardware, and particle board.  And it took me a little over an hour to make.  Yup, that's right!  Upholstered headboard from stores go for upwards of $400 for a queen headboard.  That's insane when you can easily make one for under $100.  Even if I get the nailhead trim, I'll come in at $96.  Not too shabby!

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  1. Hey- it's trinalo from TN. :) Your headboard turned out so amazing! I have ambitions of DIYing something similar in the future (when we live someplace where our bed doesn't end up under a window), and this is very encouraging. Plus you can't beat the price. Well done!

    Love your blog, by the way. I definitely subscribed with Google Reader. :D

  2. Aw, thank you! This project was so much easier than I anticipated it being; go for it when you can!

  3. I have been giving myself a headache trying to figure out what to do about the headboard I need. You have solved my problem. THANK YOU!

  4. What a great job you did! It looks awesome!

  5. Stopping by from the DIY Project Parade!

  6. So simple and classy! Please come share at

  7. Thanks ladies! I'm so glad that my tutorial could help you, Dot!

  8. I love this simple and beautiful idea. I'm so glad I found your blog via the DIY party and I am now following so we can stay connected. I would love if you stopped by and follow too. Lori

  9. Nice job! If it were me - I would absolutely do the nailhead trim, and probably lower it a little, but I think its kind of whatever your preference is! I REALLY like it!