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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Place to Rest My Head

With my unexpected need for a new bed frame, I have been given the opportunity to create a new headboard for my now naked bed.  I'm actually excited about this because I didn't really like my old bed frame and now I can do something more modern and unique.  Yippee!  

Where will the old bed frame go?  We originally thought we'd try to sell it, but the bed in the Gator room is sitting on a really flimsy metal frame that's almost 20 years old (a hand-me-down from my in-laws), so we will be putting that bed in my old master bed frame.  

So let's look at what I'm working with:

I got my 20% coupon for Bed, Bath, & Beyond in
the mail today, so I'll hopefully get a new
bedskirt this weekend.
Found via Pinterest, here are a few headboards I'm looking to for some inspiration right now. I can't decide between a door headboard or an upholstered.  I've never upholstered anything before, so it seems a little daunting to me, but it doesn't look too hard.  

Like the texture of this fabric.  I think this would look good and
work with my room.

Love the look of this with the nailhead trim.


Love the molding on top.

I love this one!  Love it!  Doesn't seem too hard, either.

Love the rustic feel here.  If I do this, I may stain
it, but not sure what color.
Yep, I'm a fan.  Right now, I'm leaning toward the door... but if I find some fabric that I really like, I may go for it.  I just want a cool shape to an upholstered board, but don't have the tools (a jigsaw) to cut the board.  I'm hoping to get this started this weekend, if not finished.

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