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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let the Landscaping Begin!

And may the odds be ever in my favor...

Okay, yes, I'm a little excited about The Hunger Games coming out on Friday.  But honestly, landscaping my totally barren yard all day felt like I was in the fight of my life: me versus the grass/allergies/hostas/day lillies/gigantic worms.  

I am happy to say that I... have given up for the day.  Before you judge me and my half-finished landscape job, remember this: 1) I worked on it from 11am-4:45pm. 2) I am a total landscaping rookie. 3)There was nothing--I mean nothing--there before I started but grass (which I forgot to take a picture of for you.  Use your imagination.  Not that hard.).

Let's start at the beginning.  My mom has a ton of hostas and day lillies that she has just been dying to break in half and give to me.  I mean, she's been talking about this day since before I owned a house.  There's something special, she says, about the fact that all of her hostas and day lillies started off as split-off versions of her mother's, which began as split-off versions of her mother's.  So basically, I've got some 3 generation plants, well now 4 I guess, growing in my yard.  Let's hope I don't kill them.  

Anyway, I made the trek across town to get these little plant hand-me-downs, and returned home with 5 hostas, 2 tiger lillies, and 12 day lillies.  I will be getting 10 more hostas once her two-toned ones pop up a little bit more, so for now they're just the solid green ones.  Last night, the hubs, his buddy, and I dug up the side of the house until we had a huge mound of trash bags full of grass and dirt.

There are 5 bags there, soon to be more.
Then, after making the journey home with my heirloom plants, I started planting.  I stuck the tiger lillies, my favorite flower, on either end of the row.  Then, I alternated day lillies and hostas, separating the hostas 3 feet apart and putting the lillies in between them and slightly to the front.  There are some sticks marking off the spots where the two-toned hostas will go for now.

So beautiful, right?

Ooooh... Ah....
I then hauled my happy  sore ass to Menards where they are having a bit of a Spring sale.  I scored 45 paving bricks for a total of $28 because they were buy one, get one free.  Awesome!  This, ladies and gents, is where my willpower started to fail me.  

We did not dig out far enough from the house to account for the pavers.  I mean, I knew we needed more room.  But the brats and kale chips were done, and damn was I hungry.  So we called it good enough and ate dinner rather than re-dig out five inches farther from the house.  You know what that meant?  Yup, I had to do it as I went while putting in the bricks.  No me gusta.

This was as far as I got. 

But, to be fair, I did do all of the planting myself.  And the loading of the pavers into my car.  Tomorrow is another day, kids.  

All in all, I'm happy with the result.  Even with the edging unfinished, it looks a lot better than it did before when it was plain grass.  We'll be getting some stone to go where the dirt is once I have the other hostas.  I think it will look very nice once we're done with it!  

P.S. I've also heard that my neighbor is giving me some hot pink peonies.  Yes!  They are my second favorite flower.  I'm making bank on these free flowers.  I wonder if her peonies are from, like, Chinese ancestors or something.  Let's just say that I'd better not kill any of these flowers or I'm going to have some pissed off ghosts after me.  

Now on to icing my blistered hands and throwing the heating pad on my back...

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  1. So worth the work! Envious! :P We haven't even started on the outside. Poor neglected yard. lol Yours looks fabulous!