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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Landscaping: Round Two

More landscaping today.  From 10:30am-5:45pm.  But... it's done.  For now.  As done as it can be until I get the two-toned hostas.  My back feels like it's broken, I have blisters on my hands, and I'm terribly sunburnt on the back of my neck.  But damn am I proud of myself!

I know that there's that blank space to the left.  We have to figure out
how to cut a paver in half... hm...
Can you imagine how nice that'll look with some blossoms and rocks!?  I can.  And it's beautiful.  I've already gotten some compliments from neighbors, and it's not even finished yet.  Awesome.

And would you believe that after all of this, I still had time to make an amazing dinner of homemade pizza?  Yum!

Stay tuned for more landscaping in the near future!

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