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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Valentine's Day Wreath (and a day at the lake)

I made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon hoping to find some goodies to make a quick wreath for the front door.  I figured that it should be Valentine's Day themed, and with my 40% off coupon, I was able to walk out with all of my needed supplies for just $12!

Some burlap, a foam wreath, a foam heart, and some
hot glue sticks.  Cute, quick, and rustic!
It was just a quick little February craft.  It looks pretty cute on my door, too!  And did I mention that it was super cheap?  That's the best part.

I also got my blackboard frame ready for the 14th:

That's really about all of the decorating I plan on doing for Valentine's Day.  It's just not a holiday that I see a whole lot of sense in pimping-out my house for.  Maybe when I have kids I'll do more, but right now it's just a little somethin' somethin' to hold me off until my Spring decorations can make a comeback.

On a different note, the hubs and I took Zeke out to the lake today since it was so nice outside.  We had bought him this little hiking boot because of his injured paw.  

*If I haven't mentioned it before, Zeke was abused before we adopted him and was found outside in a blizzard on New Year's Eve 2009 under a car.  He had been hit by a car, and the vet almost had to amputate his paw.  But they were able to save it, and now he has a big scar on the top of his paw (which you may have noticed in his pictures before) that gets cut open very easily.  It's just something that comes along with taking care of Zeke.  Yes, it can be a bit worrisome and difficult sometimes because it's so sensitive, but we make it work because we love our little guy so much!  

Anyway, today was his first time wearing his hiking boot out at the lake.  It took him a bit to get used to, but after a while he was running like it wasn't even there!  
C'mon, mom!  I've been waiting for you forever!

What's that smell?

Super Zeke to the rescue!

My dad was playing hide-and-seek with Zeke and Gemma.  Zeke was
so excited when he found his Grandpa first!

Oh, hey mom!

Such a good family picture!

Every time Zeke caught a scent, he'd go into point.  This was right
after he came out of it.  So cute!

Licking his lips after getting a treat on the car
ride home.
He had such a blast!  I'm glad that the hiking boot worked, too!  We'll have to pre-wrap his paw next time, though, because it still got a little irritated from the fabric rubbing on the scar.  I'm just glad he was able to be Mr. Adventure-dog in the thick brush and grasses without getting scratched up!

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