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Friday, February 3, 2012

That's Very Pinteresting...

I spent a great deal of my time on Pinterest these days.  Yes, I know, what a surprise.  Everybody's addicted to that site!  I've found that Pinterest has moved from a noun to a verb (pinteresting)  lately, too, which means it's really hitting the mainstream.

Since I haven't been able to do a whole lot around the house lately due to budget restrictions, I thought I'd share a little pinspiration with you!

Let's start with some of the DIY/Craft projects that have caught my fancy lately:

Basket made of clothesline!  How clever!  This would be perfect for
storing a few blankets by the couch.

Homemade body butter!  Love how soft my skin
feels after using this stuff.

Rustic and elegant.  A must-try.

How cute to make for the hubs and myself!  

Love this!  Spray paint the bulbs with a
lace overlay to make the design.  Don't
know where I'd hang them.

Ah!  I want to make these pallet shelves so badly!  They would be
great in my living room.

Produce bags from old shirts.  This would
solve the problem of trying to get those
pesky plastic bags open in a hurry, and
reduce my carbon footprint!

I am so making a wreath like this for the Spring!  Too
bad that my address isn't multiple numbers;
it may look plain.
All of these crafts look simple and fun!  They also look cheap, which is great for me right now.  What have you been pinteresting?

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