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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scentsy Surprise!

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but: I love Scentsy products.  Like, love them.  Until last night, I only had one.  I am so not lying when I tell you that my one and only Scentsy will probably need an early retirement due to overuse.  

But I walked in to the house yesterday to find a lovely and unexpected surprise from my wonderful hubby... a brand new Scentsy!  Someone at his work sells them, and he ordered me a new warmer and 4 blocks of Spring/Summer scents!  I guess he ordered it around the holidays and it got here now, so it was a very unexpected surprise.  Now I've got two Scentsys warmers warming the same scent at the same time, and my house smells amazing!  It's like we're back in Cancun with this smell right now; Cancun inside, Winter outside, which is a great feeling.

He picked out a really cute one, too, and it even "goes" with our living room:
Chisel from the Individual Collection.
The four brick scents he chose for me are: Cucumber Lime, Havana Cabana (which is what's in my Scentsy right now, and it's delicious), Kahiko Hula, and Skinny Dippin'.  I got my last Scentsy last Christmas from my mom, who picked out several Winter scents, so I'm glad I have a few of the summery smells.  

If you haven't tried out Scentsy products, you should totally give them a shot.  I love that they're flame-less, so they're not as dangerous as candles if Zeke should happen to knock one over.  The scent bricks are also pretty strong and last a long time, so I think they're well worth the dollars spent.  If you think about spending $20 on a Yankee Candle that'll be gone in a few weeks if you burn it every night or spending $20 on a Scentsy brick that'll last months, it's a no-brainer!

*And no, I was not asked to give this raving review of Scentsy products by anybody.  I just love them that much!  (And you should, too.)


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