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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check Out My Swag!

So I know that since it's a Wednesday, I should do a Wishlist Wednesday post.  I know this.  But, let's be honest: I haven't been the world's #1 blogger lately.  I've got quite a few things to catch you up on, one of them being my awesome swag from hosting a Lia Sophia party two weekends ago!

More on that later.

First, let's talk about my fabulous new memory foam mattress pad.  I've had my mattress since the second grade when I got my bedroom set.  It's in, ahem, rough shape.  And since the hubs is roughly 100 pounds heavier than me, it's like sleeping on a see-saw and I'm at the top.  In other words, it's extremely uncomfortable.  So, we invested $120 of our tax return check into getting a 4-inch memory foam mattress pad to solve this problem.  Check it out:

Yeah, not so pretty without the fitted sheet hiding it, but I needed to
show you this awesomeness.
So yeah, this beauty has much improved my sleeping situation.  Downside?  Zeke has a bit of a hard time jumping up there now that there's 4 extra inches of mattress, but we just pick him up.  Problem solved.

Next up?  Remember this little hooter?

Well, as much as I loved his monochromatic tendencies, I decided to give him a little color this weekend.  A coat of "Caramel Latte" spray paint, and it's a whole new look!

I'm thinking he needs a new shade, too.  The brown's a little too dark.  I'll be on the lookout for a new shade in the future.

Now, are you ready to hear about my swag!?  Well, before I start bragging about how awesome Lia Sophia is, I'll preface it with this: I was not paid or asked to promote Lia Sophia by anybody.  It's just so amazing and needs to be boasted about!

Anyway, I hosted a Lia Sophia party for some friends a couple of weekends ago.  This was the second time I'd hosted one, and they're so easy to host.  All I had to do was make some brunch food and champagne punch!  I had a blast with my friends, and walked away with... wait for it... $304 in free jewelry credits!  On top of that, I got four items from the catalog under $100 for $15, and two items for 50% off.  I used all of the $15 items, but let my mom order some things for half-off.  I spent $90, but got $606 worth of jewelry for $90!  That's a pretty sweet deal just for having some friends over for brunch to look at sparkly things.

Here's what I got (two of my items were back-ordered, so they aren't here):

That one on the right is what my engagement ring was supposed
to look like, but the hubs works car insurance claims and
I'm a teacher so...

Isn't it pretty!?  So many sparklers... Love it!  I know that my camera didn't take the best pictures; I just can't get it to do a good job lately, especially on shiny things.  But you get the idea.  You should totally host a Lia Sophia party because you get so much awesome swag!

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