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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday!

Okay, okay.  I give you my permission to slap me across the hand with a ruler.  I've been a naughty blogger.  It's been, like, over a week since I've last blogged.

Life's been busy, kids.  Really busy.  And while I welcome the end of the second quarter of the school year with open arms, it means that my days and nights and, yes, especially my weekends, are full of grading essays, tall tales, and daily journals.

But, I've put down the grading for a hot second so that I can tell you a little about my latest wishlist item.  It's nothing fancy, but something that I want for my humble abode.  It's.... *drum roll please... a new shower curtain!  

If life goes as planned, which is a possibility (and hopefully a reality), I will be tackling my guest bathroom this weekend.  I would love to do some horizontal strips, similar to this:

I'm thinking similar colors, too. 
But, and this is a huge but, I just don't know if I can make good and level stripes.  I'm terrified.

Regardless, I will need a new shower curtain after the new paint.  Plus, somehow our current shower curtain has this stain that won't come out.  I don't know how it got there, but it's there... and it's gross.

Here are a few curtains that I like.  I'm not thinking of if they'll look good with stripes; just that I love them.

Love the colors of this one!

Beautiful and simple! From Anthropologie,
but I could never pay $118 for a shower
curtain in my life.

I apparently have a champagne taste on a beer budget... the only curtain that is mildly affordable is the first from West Elm.

Oh well!  We shall see.  

On a totally different note, look what I got this weekend with some of my Christmas money!

Um... yes, please!  Such a wonderful invention that has made my mornings so much easier.  Love it!

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