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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Reorganization Never Felt So Good!

So, do you remember when I got my new living room replacement furniture because our sectional was broken and then recalled?  And remember how we couldn't figure out how to arrange it in any way other than this boxed-in arrangement?

See how you might feel trapped with this set-up?  You have to side-step
between the pieces to get inside, too.  Very annoying.
Well, this weekend my friend Alicia was here and I asked her for a fresh set of eyes.  It took us a few minutes of visualizing and moving the gigantic chair all over the upstairs, but we finally figured out another arrangement for this massive furniture set!

It is so much better!  It feels so much more open and bigger than the boxy set up we had going on before.  Don't mind the bare walls or the pillows that don't match or the millions of cords coming out from that terrible entertainment stand; these are  all a huge work in progress.

Let's face it: I'm just happy that it's not like a fighting my way through a labyrinth to sit down on my couch.  

Not the most exciting changes, but most certainly a worth-while one.  

Stay tuned for some painting updates in the next few days.  The first coat of paint is currently drying in my guest bathroom.  Yay!

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