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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012, Blogland!  May this year bless you and yours with many happy memories and moments!

I'm excited for this year to start off on the right foot.  I normally don't make resolutions because I can't seem to keep them, but this year, the hubs and I are going to try to get fit and healthy together.  We haven't made the best decisions regarding the food that we buy, and we eat out far too much.  I just don't feel comfortable in my own skin anymore, so we are using this as the jump-start to make a healthy lifestyle change.  

I am glad that my husband is willing to take this step with me.  I will need support because I love food.  And relaxing.  But mostly food.

So what sparked this epiphany, you might ask?

I had a rude awakening at the doctor's office earlier this week when I learned that I've gained 6 pounds in the past year.  I knew I'd gained some weight, but I never stepped on the scale to check just how much.  But I could tell.  I could tell that my clothes had gotten a little tighter; not tight enough for new clothes, but tight enough for me to be uncomfortable.  

I don't mind working out.  In fact, I used to really enjoy it.  Since getting married and having a full-time job, however, working out seems like more of a chore than it ever did when I was younger.  I find it hard to get motivated to work out when I'm driving an hour each way to my job.  Teaching is exhausting, but then the drive just makes me want to get home and stay home once my workday is done.  When I get home, all I want to do is collapse on my couch and stay there until I have to go to bed.  

I love to cook and try new recipes, and I'm good at it, but just haven't done much of it lately because I've been lazy.  It's the honest truth.  

I used to be extremely in shape.  I swam 4-6 miles every day but Sunday, and when you're working out like that you can eat pretty much whatever you want.  And I did.  That was in high school.  

Then, in college, I still swam and worked out, but quite a bit less since I wasn't on a team anymore.  But I still didn't gain any weight.  Then I went to London my junior year for a summer and gained 8 pounds because I ate whatever I wanted, figuring that I may never get back to London again.  

I joined Weight Watchers when I returned to the states to slim down before my wedding that following summer.  It worked so well!  That was the most comfortable I've felt in my own skin, at my wedding.  I was in shape and fitting into just about anything I put on.  But after the wedding, I quit Weight Watchers and I've gained all of the weight I lost (and then some) back.

I am not overweight or bordering obesity by any means.  In fact, I'm not sure if I have a whole lot of weight to loose.  My main goal this year is to start living a healthier lifestyle, complete with working out at least 5 days a week and eating healthier.  I want a toned body, in and out.  I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again. 

I think that if I keep a weekly check-in on here it might keep me more accountable.  I mean, I've got at least 20 people following me and that makes me feel like I've got at least 20 people that I shouldn't let down.  Thanks.  :) 

We start the change today, not tomorrow.

We went grocery shopping this morning and cleansed our refrigerator/pantry of any temptations. replacing them with healthier options.  I thought that healthy food was going to be so expensive, and honestly a lot of it was.  But when you're not buying a bunch of processed products and junk food, all of the cost of that cheap food eliminated from the list adds up.  Our grocery bill was actually less expensive when it was packed with veggies and organics than when it was packed with frozen meals and processed foods!  I was shocked!  

So here is what the hubby and I are planning for dinners this week:

Monday: Quinoa-stuffed green peppers
Tuesday: Grilled chicken wraps
Wednesday: Vegetarian Lasagna
Thursday: Chicken ceasar pitas 
Friday-Sunday:In Wisconsin for family Christmas... adios eating healthy for a weekend.  We Germans enjoy some very unhealthy eats when Grandma is cooking.  Crap.  I'll do my best to maintain a reasonable amount of healthy this weekend.

So there you have it.  I will stick to this.  I am determined.  I've got all of my meals and snacks for the week planned out and posted on the fridge.  I know that it's going to be hard at first; this is a huge lifestyle change.  But it's something that I need to do for myself and my own piece of mind.  

I want to feel good on the inside and out, and I want to be confident in my own skin.  

I owe that to myself.  Why shouldn't I feel good about myself?  

And that is why I am making this change. 


  1. I'm also a teacher, so I can empathize with the desire to just pass out on the couch after a long day with the kiddos. I'm on WW currently, and just started working out again because I'm trying to lose ~20 pounds or so - but we'll see how it goes. I look forward to hearing how you do, and cheering you on from behind my computer screen! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I hope that WW works for you and you can reach your goal weight in 2012! Keep me posted on your progress; we can keep each other in check!