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Saturday, December 3, 2011

We Have Curtains Again!

Today was a pretty productive day.  I spent 4 hours with my mom organizing the decorations at my parents' house, all while drinking some Starbucks and listening to Matt Nathanson.  I walked away with some cool vintage (ahem, circa 1988) ornaments, which I'll showcase on tree number two in the near future.  

Then, the hubs and I talked my little bro into coming over to our house to take picture for our Christmas card.  The leverage was homemade cal-zones; food is totally the way to a teenager's stomach.  Here's what we've got to work with:

Yes, that is a Packers Santa hat that I bought at Hobby
Lobby today for a very well-spent $7.
It is so difficult to get Zeke to sit still for a picture, so we take what we can get.  I was totally able to work both of these pictures, and a few more, into our Christmas card.

Then I made the man-folk cal-zones.  Yummy in my tummy.  Not so good for my whole diet thing, but oh well.

About twenty minutes ago, I decided to take my attention away from the stressful Badgers game and put up our new master bedroom curtains.  I.  Love.  Them.  However, putting curtains up can never be as easy as it should be because the stupid curtain rod somehow always seems to be stubborn.  

First, we drilled the holes too big, even though we used the recommended bit.  So now I've got three unnecessary holes in my newly painted bedroom which I will have to fill and paint over tomorrow.  Sigh.

Boo... no fun.
Also, there's about a half-inch between the window trim and the right corner wall, which makes getting any sort of rod hung difficult.  But whatever, we got them up.  

I was able to score this awesome rod at JC Penny today on sale from $50 for $27, so that was awesome.  I had to iron the curtains because they were really creased, but I love how they look.  The best part is that they're the blackout curtains, but you can't really tell unless you feel them.

Love the way this rod looks!

They really help the room feel classy and airy, which is exactly the look I'm going for in there.  The gigantic old-school TV really adds to the decor, does it not?  Ugh.  I still can't convince the hubs that we don't need a TV in the bedroom; I think we've watched it in there a total of 8 times in a year and a half.  There are just some battles that aren't worth fighting.

I've also got a few goodies to look forward to in the coming days.  Stay tuned for what I'm going to do to these babies:

Vintage sled that I can't wait to get my hands on.  I've
got all sorts of holiday goodies to deck this sucker out.

Yeah... it looks a little rough right now, but it's going to be cute once
I'm through with it.  Promise.
I also took home my old wooden toy chest from my parents' house, but I don't have a picture of that yet.  It's still hiding out in my trunk.  It's huge and solid wood, but a little abused from hours and hours of me playing on (and inside) it.  I plan to refinish it and make it into a cedar chest of sorts.  Can't wait!

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