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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hair Cut!

So I've been wanting a drastic change in my hairstyle for a while.  I wanted to grow it out for a few months, but after looking at pictures of myself with chest-length hair, I realized how... juvenile it made me look.  While I would love to be able to do the fun braids and the cool up-dos with my hair, being 5 foot 3, long hair seems to make me look even shorter.  So, with my hair at my shoulders, I called up my stylist and made an appointment.  Then it was on to hunt for styles.

There were so many short styles that I loved.  I found myself gravitating towards some pretty short haircuts, which scared the hubs right out of his socks.  He kept telling me that he just really liked my hair the way it was and that I didn't really need to cut it.  What a Donnie Downer.

These were just a few of the styles I loved, all found on Pinterest:

As you can see, they were all pretty short.  I showed my stylist my Pinterest board, and she helped me choose one that she thought would look great on me.  The cut was inspired by these pictures (all from The Glamourai, which is an awesome style blog).


So, without further adieu, here's a little before and after:

This is also our Christmas card picture.  The Before.  It's kind of hard to
see, but my hair is shoulder-length.

Honestly, it's not the drastic change I'd hoped for.  I do like it, especially how short it is in the back, but I wanted to go shorter.  But, since I'd never had my hair really short before (this is the shortest it's ever been), my stylist recommended starting here before cutting more off since growing it back is harder than cutting it off.  Smart lady. Good news is that it actually has a style now and isn't just... hanging there.  


  1. i love your new cut ... looks great and i am loving your hair color too.

  2. Love the new haircut! My husband would be terrified of me going short too...