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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap

It came without below 30 temperatures.  It came with lots of sun.  It came without flurries, blizzards, or snow.  

But alas, Christmas did come!

This was the first Christmas of my life without any snow at all.  In fact, it was warm enough in Central Illinois yesterday to not even wear a coat; a heavy sweater was enough.  I will say this about a green Christmas: it does not really feel that Christmas-y.  Despite following all of our family traditions--church, dinner, presents, games--without snow, it felt sort of like Thanksgiving with presents.

But that didn't stop us from having fun with our family.  On Christmas Eve, we went to church with my parents, then went to my in-laws for dinner and presents.  Zeke was pleased with his stocking from grandma and grandpa.

Mom, something smells good in there! 
Which one of these new fun toys am I supposed to play with?  I
know!  I'll take turns biting them.
Then on Christmas morning, Zeke jumped into the bed around 8 and woke us up.  So we tried to go back to bed, but he wasn't having any of it.  I swear the dog knows when he's getting presents.  We made some coffee before letting the gift-giving begin.

Zeke scored big this year with a new Dino stuffy, a stuffed bone,
and a new Nylabone.

That bone kept him occupied for literally hours.
I got the hubs a new Gator blanket, some boxers, new Puma sweats, a Packer Super Bowl ornament, and, his favorite gift, an RCA soundbar for the TV.

It's small, but packs a big punch.  It's like having
surround sound on!
From the hubby, I got DKNY Be Delicious perfume, Super 8, Bad Teacher, a robe, and a new Fossil watch.

It's so pretty!  I need to get two or so
links removed so it fits, though.
After opening gifts together and eating breakfast, we went over to my in-laws to hang out for a bit.  We watched Super 8 over there; I love that movie!

Then we took Zeke over to my parents' house to open presents and eat dinner before watching the Packer game.  My dad made sauerbraten and dumplings for dinner, which was so good!  I always feel like such a pig when he makes that because I stuff myself.  It's my favorite food, and our family's traditional German Christmas meal.

Zeke and Gemma played for a long time...

...but finally pooped out right before the start of the second half of the Packer game.  The thing that really made it an excellent Christmas, despite having no snow, was that the Packers dominated the Bears, securing home-field advantage for the playoffs!

We arrived home around 11 last night.  We were dead tired.  Zeke promptly found his spot on the couch, tucked his new Dino under his arm, and fell fast asleep.

I've spent a majority of today recuperating from the weekend.  I've got all of our presents put away, laundry going, crafts started, and have begun my long-awaited Harry Potter 8-Disc Complete Blue-ray Collection viewing party!  I've waited for this for a decade!  I am an obsessive Harry Potter fan, but didn't buy any of the movies as they came out, knowing that there would be a set once they were all completed.  I will say that the Blue-ray of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has a much better picture than my parent's VHS copy (sorry, Mom and Dad!).

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends, and special memories!  

I promise that I'll have some crafts and decor projects to post about this week; I've got a few projects in the works as we speak!

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