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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday!

This week, I'm lusting after drum pendant lights.  They're so simple, yet classy.  I have no clue where I'd put one in my house, but that's why this is a wishlist, right?  I guess one could go over my "dining nook" or in the staircase, since we're looking to replace that light soon, but all of the ones I like are pretty pricey.  So for now, I'm content just wishing for one!

Here are a few of my faves that I found on a quick Google image search:

I love the detail on the metal surrounding
the white drum.  It's so pretty!  Too bad
it costs $351.

This one's so pretty!  It would
put a beautiful shadow on the
wall when lit for a cool $138.

This one's just pretty and unique all around.
It can be yours for just $250!

While this one doesn't have a whole lot
of detail, I do like the double drum. $287.

And, of course, my favorite is also
the most expensive: $3,030.
Aren't they purdy? 

Now, moving on from Wishlist Wednesday, I need some (more) paint advice for my master bedroom.  I've picked out three possible blues.  They now have a home next to the three little beiges on my bedroom wall.  It's starting to look like a paint store in there, but hopefully we'll have a winner soon.  Here's what I've got this time:

From left to right (all Behr paint, some color matched from Valspar): Cool
Dusk, Oatlands Dainty Blue, and Lighthouse Shadow.
I think I'm leaning toward Lighthouse Shadow.  It's a lighter gray/blue.  Then I can get some khaki colored curtains to go with the bedspread.  The only worry I have is that it will look too light against the white furniture, but it doesn't really seem to right now; the swatch is up against the dresser.  I won't be buying paint until Friday or Saturday, so there's still time for any last minute suggestions.

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