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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mirror Wreath

While sitting around my cozy house smelling the beer bread baking in the oven and looking at the Christmas tree, I got the sudden urge to do a holiday craft.  So, I printed off a Michael's coupon and drug the hubs with me to get some craft supplies.

Twenty minutes later and $13 poorer, we headed home with all materials needed to make a wreath.  Yes, I know I've already got a wreath on my door, but this wreath isn't for my door; it's for the big mirror in my living room!

None of our Christmas decorations are red, but the hubs wanted red.  I figured that since I put him through the pain of going crafting with me, it was the least I could do.  He tried to talk me into colored lights, but that's where I draw the line.  I think it turned out pretty cute for a quickie afternoon craft!

Even Zeke's getting into the Christmas spirit:

Okay, maybe he's being forced to get into the holiday spirit, but he looks so stinkin' cute in that Santa hat!

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