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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Master Bedroom is Painted!

After several weeks of leaving multiple (*ahem, six) paint samples on the wall of my master bedroom, I finally decided on a color...

...and it wasn't any of the six on the wall.

That's right.  I chose, upon recommendation from one of the lovely ladies on The Nest, Valspar's Woodlawn Silver Brook.  This was exactly the color that I had been looking for, but couldn't seem to find.  And, ladies and gentlemen, I am ecstatic with the results.

No longer does my bedroom seem itty bitty and dark, instead it feels a fourth of the size bigger and so, so bright.

Enough chatting; let's take a look at the result.

The new color (right) next to the old (left). 

I love how the white just pops now!  The vases
won't stay there forever; just nowhere else to
stick them now.  And those blinds!? Yeah, they
were like that when we bought the place.  Don't
worry, they're getting changed.

Finally found a new home for my owl light!  I'm in
the market for a new shade.

Doesn't that dresser look amazing with that new
color?  Yes ma'am.

Can't wait to get that headboard and footboard painted.

The walls are very blank right now, but that will hopefully be changing soon.  I've got a few inspiration pictures, courtesy of Pinterest, for some DIY wall art.

Thinking of this with different words.

Cute, right?
So now that the painting is done, I'm excited to get the rest of the room just how I want it!

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