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Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

My house is very Christmas-y and pleasant to wake up to this morning.  The leftover scents from a mint chocolate candle were still lingering in the air, and the Christmas tree was the first thing I saw this morning when stepping out of our bedroom. 

I love Christmas!

I know that I said we were going to wait to see my grandparent's tree before deciding to put ours up, but the sheer girth of their tree simply would not fit in our living room unless we moved one of the pieces of furniture to the basement.  We tried to figure out a way to manuever things around so their tree, which is twice the width of ours, could fit upstairs, but it just wasn't happening.  Maybe we can figure something out for next year, but for now our $9 Target tree will do the job upstairs for at least one more year.

See?  Not the prettiest thing, but
it does the job alright.  Better
than you'd expect for $9.

Funky topper from Hobby Lobby.

This year, rather than just blue and silver/white, I
decided to throw in some hot pink, too!

I'm thinking I'll find some ornaments to hang from
the garland.
The men folk also got the lights strung up last night!

That's hubs up on the ladder.  I was shocked to see him
on that thing; he's terrified of ladders. 
So pretty!  I need to remove the fall squash
and put them on the curb.  I've got a
vintage sled that I'll be decorating, too,
so stay tuned for that.
So there you have it; my little townhouse is pretty much all decked for the holidays.  There will be much merriment and Christmas songs for the next month in this casa.

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