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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Story of the Three Little Beiges

Once upon a time there were three little beiges and the time came for them to cover walls and lighten the mood of dark, drab master bedrooms.

But before they could leave Home Depot in a gallon tub, their admirer said to them, "Whatever I do, I must learn from past experience and paint a sample of each of you."

The first little beige beautified the wall in a gorgeous greige tone. 

The first little beige, Creamy
The second little beige was a bit lighter than his brother, casting more of a cold, gray tone over the wall.

The second little beige,
The third little beige was a near perfect blend of his two brothers.

The third little beige, Aged Beige.
One night the paint-challenged home owner, who dearly hoped to choose the right paint color, put all three of the little beiges on the wall of her master bedroom in hopes to choose the right one.  "Hm..." said she, "little beige, little beige, let me choose the right one."

The three little beiges side by side.

And next to the duvet!

To be continued...

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