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Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Kitchen Light

The time has come for a new kitchen light.  Yes, we could live with the one that's there, but my grandpa (aka: Handyman Extraordinaire) will be coming down next weekend to visit and we will be using his skills as much as we can.

This is the current kitchen light:

It's okay, just not really our style.  Plus, those bulbs are a pain in
the ass to change.

Here's a shot from the living room.  Pardon the mess on the back
 of the stools. 
I'm not too sure what type of light would work in this space.  I don't want to do a boob light, since we've got those in the hallways and right above our dining table (which will eventually be switched out for something that hangs) and I just feel like we could find something better for the kitchen.  Since the kitchen opens into our living room, the kitchen light will sort of need to look good with the fan and the hallway boob lights.  All of the fixtures are brushed nickle with frosted glass.

Here's the other fixtures in the area:

Over the table boob light.  The same light is in the
hallway towards the bedrooms.

The fan in the living room.

I'm thinking something like this:

What do you think?  I'm not sure if a light that hangs would be good since the cabinets are so tall, but the light won't get in the way of opening them or anything.  Any other suggestions? 

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