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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Master Bedroom Moodboard

Something unexpected happened in mi casa yesterday night: the hubs told me that I could do whatever I want to our master bedroom.  Little did he know, but he just said some of the most dangerous words in the English language for someone like myself.

Let me give you a little bit of background behind this conversation.  Our master bedroom was the first room in our house that I decorated when we bought it.  It was that horrible maroon color that I know I've mentioned before, and I just could not sleep in that room when the walls made me want to run a black light and check for used heroin needles under the bed.  So, wanting to get rid of the horrible maroon as soon as humanly possible, I hastily picked a color, grabbed some artwork that "worked" (and I use the word loosely here), and called it a day. 

Fast forward to last night when I had way too much time to myself to think about how much I hate our bedroom.  I mean, it really does not scream relaxing or romantic to me.  I want my master bedroom to be elegant and simple, neutral yet fun.  I do not want dark brown walls and bad floral prints, which is what we've got now.  I guess this is what happens to a lot of people with the first room or two in their first house.  I just have to change it, and I just want one room that is totally and completely finished... since none of them are.

So, tonight while watching the Packers get their spandex-covered asses handed to them by the Falcons (or at least so far that's what's happened) and recovering from a nasty little flu bug, I decided to put together a moodboard for the master bedroom.  I used olioboard, which I thought would be pretty easy.  It was, except getting all of the room components into one of their room sets was a pain, so I just left them out of a room.  

I love the curtains and bedding, which will run us about $200 if we buy them with coupons or on sale.  Then the chair is probably wishful thinking, but I like it.  I thought a more neutral beige or maybe a tanish color would work, but I'm not positive.  I love the tree stencil for one of the walls or maybe the wall by our bay window.  The only part I'm not 100% sure on yet is the color for the walls.  Any suggestions?  I feel that maybe it'll be a little too neutral if I go with a beige or tan.

I am determined to just really focus on this room and put other larger projects on the back-burner for a bit.  


  1. Haha, your posts always make me laugh!! 1) Love you moodboard. 2) I have the same issue...rushing into decorating when I really should have done a little research first 3) the Packers WON!! Yahh!!

  2. Go Pack! They had me worried for a minute there, but in the end, A-Rod's cute tush was able to do what he does best.

    Regarding the moodboard: do you think a beige/tan is too much neutral? I do want it to feel light and airy in there, so maybe neutral is what I need. Also, went to order the curtains because they're 1/2 off at JCP right now, and of course the color I need is sold out. On to more curtain searching or waiting for another JCP homes sale.