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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let There Be Light!

On a Saturday in October, Alex said, "Let there be light!"  And it was good.  It was so good.  Classy, too.

You may recall a few posts ago when I was talking about a new kitchen light.  If not, check it out here.  This is the old kitchen light fixture that was left by the previous owner of our townhouse:

I decided that what I didn't like about this track lighting was the
downward curve.  It was odd.  Plus, the shape doesn't really fit
our style and the other fixtures that we switched out last
fall after moving in.,
Hubs and I scored a nice semi-flush mount fixture at Home Depot for $44.99 and even picked up a few 60 watt eco bulbs for the sucker.  I must say that I'm rather proud of the hubs; this was the first light fixture he ever installed.  It took a bit longer than when our electrician friend put the other lights in, but at least I know that hubs can put up a light now!

Here is what's in our kitchen now:

Ooooh, pretty!
It's amazing to me how a simple light fixture can totally transform a space.  It's a big change from the track lighting, but it's growing on me every time I look at it.  It gives off more light than the previous fixture, too, which is nice because before the two canister lights gave off more light than the track fixture.

While we were at Home Depot, I picked up a few paint swatches for the master bedroom.  I have a day off in two Fridays, so I'm hoping to paint the room then.  Here's what I picked up.

None of them are greenish or purple in the least;
it's just the lighting in my room. 
From the top left, the colors are as follows (all by Behr): Row 1- Burnished Clay, Gentle Rain(top), Calm Air (lower); Row 2- Aged Beige, Roman Plaster, Creamy Mushroom; Row 3- Sliver Sateen, Mineral, Natural Gray.

I think I'm ruling out Calm Air; it's too bright feeling. I'd like to narrow it down to three choices, pick up some samples, and get a decent sized swatch of each up on the wall.  My two favorites right now are Creamy Mushroom and Natural Gray.  I'd like a greige, so I'm open to any suggestions of your favorite greiges!

Overall, it's been a rather productive day today!

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