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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Patch!

This was a weekend full of girl time and Fall festivities, and I loved every single moment of it.  

I left directly from work on Friday afternoon and made the roughly 2 hour drive South to the town of Lovington, Illinois where my wonderful friend Alicia resides.  Can you believe that we've been friends for 6 years, and I had never ventured to her homeland until this weekend?  Me either.  So that had to be changed.

Lovington is a town of roughly 1,300 people, much smaller than where I currently live, yet a little bit smaller than my hometown in Wisconsin.  I was excited to spend some time away from the city and have a weekend with tons of girl time, something I've truly missed since getting married since all of my friends are now at least an hour away.

Friday was full of catching up, eating some delicious chocolate chip cookies and an entire block of sharp cheddar, and watching Shutter Island, a movie that will never get old.

Saturday was where it was at.  We did something I hadn't done since I was in elementary school: we visited a pumpkin patch!  Not just any pumpkin patch, mind you.  It is The Great Pumpkin Patch of Arthur, Illinois.  

The pumpkin tree!

This pumpkin patch has been featured in many magazines, on Martha Stewart's show in New York, and they even decorated the White House for the Fall last year!

I mean, this is a legit pumpkin patch.  And I was like a three year old in a candy store.  There was just so much Fall goodness to go around!

I kid you not when I tell you that this was only about
half of the pumpkin selection.

Say hello to Bertha, a 1,092 pound
pumpkin of mammoth breadth and girth. 
Besides pumpkins, the patch also offered a variety of attractions, such as 4 different corn and sunflower mazes, animals, a haunted corn crib, an original one-room schoolhouse, and several buildings with Fall-themed goodies, such as apple ciders slushies (which I most certainly had).

I would make an awesome

Billy Goats Gruff, where there were several goats sunbathing. 

Tony was not very photogenic. 

The goat bridge. 

One of the 3 little pigs...

...and their houses!  The straw house was on the other side of
the stick house.
There were also various places to get your pictures snapped...
Pumpkin King and Queen! 
Yes, those are the most amazing apple
cider slushies in our hands!

Yes!  I'm over 5 feet tall!

Alicia is totally shorter than me.  Score!
Now, you may be wondering, "Alex, did you buy any pumpkins at the patch or did you just fool around taking goofy pictures with painted wooden signs?"  

Well, no fear, I did buy a three pumpkins.  And three gourds.  And four pieces of Indian corn.

Sad empty wagon... 
Happy, full wagon!
Moral of this story: If you are ever in Illinois in the Fall, you must visit the Great Pumpkin Patch!  This place is so much fun for all ages!

I'll have pictures of what I did with my goodies soon!

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