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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday!

It's time for Wishlist Wednesday!  I can't believe it's only Wednesday.  This week feels like it is just dragging on and on and on.  But on Friday, I have a conference all day in my town, so I don't have to make the hour commute each way to work, so that'll be nice.  But this Wednesday cannot pass by fast enough!

Currently, this is what I'm wishing for more of:

Okay, I'd be a little less disgusting than this, but I'm so
tired right now I probably would drool.  I may fall
asleep grading papers today on my plan period.
But if I can't sleep right now, I could settle for one of these:

But, I can't get that either.  I'm about an hour away from the nearest Starbucks right now.  So so sad.  I guess this really is a Wishlist Wednesday.

Okay, I'll keep with the trend of my blog now.  The decor related item that I'm lusting after right now is a vintage chandelier for my entry.  I'm not sure this will "go" in my house exactly, but I like to think that it will work.  They're so expensive, though, that this is a wishlist item that probably won't come true--while we're in the townhouse, at least.

So here's a bit of eye-candy for you:

So pretty!  I love the whole style and feel of this light.

I love the flower details on this one!  Beautiful!

So who knows?  Maybe I'll get one, maybe I won't.  But I'm certainly drooling over a few right now.

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