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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Painting the Front Door

I did it.  I bought the paint to give our drab, black front door a makeover.  I had originally decided on Behr's Brilliant Sea, which looks like this:

Upon holding up the swatch to the door, it looked a tad too bright for my taste.  So, I went pulled out my blue swatches and chose Glidden's Caribbean Sea.

It's a tad darker than the Behr option.  My heart was having palpitations as the clerk at Home Depot was mixing this beautiful color up.  

I will be literally the only house in my entire neighborhood that doesn't have a black or dark maroon door once the paint is applied. 

Well, I returned to the townhouse with all of my supplies in tow.  The hubs saw the color and instantly loved it.  He said it reminded him of something he'd see in Panama City Beach.  That's fabulous since we live in Central Illinois.  

I washed down the door and just washing it down made it look so much less dingy than it did before.

After the door was dry, it was time to roll on some primer.  There was no turning back.

Someone drove by the house when I was taking this photo.  I got a dirty look.  Oh boy.  If they don't like the primer, I doubt they'll like my bright blue door.

After waiting an hour for the primer to dry, the time had come.  It was now time to get the blue up on the door.  I was sweating, literally sweating, as I pried the lid off of the quart of paint.  

Why am I so nervous about this color?  Well, I'm just waiting for some little old blue-haired lady from the HOA with nothing better to do to pop on over to my house and tell me, "This isn't an approved color for the subdivision."  I'm waiting for it.  Really, I am.  As far as I know, though, there aren't approved door colors for the subdivision.  But who knows.

Here the door is after the first coat of blue:

Damn that is is a blue door.  I don't know how I'm feeling about it.  I think it's just the huge contrast from total lack of color to having a beautiful color to greet me every day.  Plus, it's only the first coat of paint.  And it should get a tad darker after the second coat.  

Can't you just see a cute little stenciled 5 on the center of the door once it's painted?  I can.  And then if I spray paint our hardware black?  Yes please.  

So please keep me talked in to this color.  I'm having some second thoughts, but I think I need to give it a fair chance.

Some time later... 

Here it is after a second coat.  It did darken it down just a bit.


  1. i am loving it! i want to paint my front door a bright blue too! can't wait to see the second coat!

  2. I commented earlier on your nest post and wanted to see if you posted anything. I LOVE this color. Can't wait to see a picture of the entire house with the door color.