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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Couch: Round Two

Well, remember this little post about our replacement sectional?  It's only been a couple of weeks and the loveseat is broken already.  So, the hubs gave Furniture Row a call to explain our situation.

They agreed to let us come in and basically get store credit for what we paid for our sectional.  Unfortunately, we got it on such an amazing sale, that most of the store wasn't in our price range.  We were okay with paying about $100 more, but that still wasn't going to happen.  But, we had it narrowed down to a few living room sets that we liked.  We ended up purchasing a sofa, loveseat, and oversized chair for about $30 less than we paid originally.

Here's what we ended up choosing, just in a heather gray color:

The website doesn't have the chair pictured, so use your imagination I suppose.  

I could not get the hubs away from the over-stuffed, cushy couches.  Just like our sectional.  I just couldn't do it.  I tried so hard.  But, to be fair to him, this was the best option in the over-stuffed selection.

The gray that we got it in is pretty.  It won't be so much stinking brown in the room, which will be good.  I like the set better than the sectional in terms of space and style, I suppose.  

The hubs just has so little input in the house, so I figure if he insists on only one thing, I can't complain.  I'm excited to get it in and see it in our space.  It's time to pillow hunt! 

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