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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Like Fall in the House

I started decorating for the Fall season yesterday.  I love it!  I've got my Fall scents in the Scentsy and in my Wallflowers, my Pie Safe scent candle is out on my entry table, and it's beginning to look a whole lot like Fall up in here!

Here are a few of my decorations!

Lovin' my chalkboard frame next to
my cute Fall vase!  Also, I just
got some chalk dropped off
so I'll be able to write on it!

Yum!  Pie Safe scented soy candle.  It smells good enough
to eat!

My cute DIY wreath in Autumn colors.  I had to
hang it on the inside of the door because it
won't stay on the outside for some reason.  

Cute, huh?  Picked it up from Michael's for $4 with
my wonderful 40% off coupon.
There's more Fall decor to come, but I'm a little busy with something I like to call starting up an Etsy shop with my good friend Abby.  We love crafting together and have decided to give selling some of the crafty goodness we make a shot!  Stay tuned for more details on our future Etsy shop, which will hopefully be coming to you in the middle of October!

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  1. I love your wreath! Do you have a post on how you made it? I would love to make a similar one for this fall!

    Great site!