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Friday, September 2, 2011

Go Ahead, Kick Your Feet Up!

On my new couch!  Well... kind of my new couch.  They're replacing my old new one (which we got last November) because it broke and it's still under warranty.  We thought that we'd just be getting the sofa part of our sectional replaced because that's the broken area, but they're replacing it all so that the colors match up and all.  

Notice the saggy back cushion?  That's the problem.

And that's why it happened.  Something in the back of the
sofa broke and now the whole back is saggy and uncomfortable.

So here's my question: Is there any other way that I can arrange my sectional in my living room?  Or am I stuck with how I've got it due to my limited space.  Here's how we have it set up now:

Well... I think I here the delivery guys pulling up right now! 

Some time later...

The delivery guys have left, and holy cow!  The new sectional looks like such a better quality than our previous one.  It's cushions are fuller, the frame is sturdier, and it looks so much better.  I know part of it is because it's new, but when "the bad one" was new, it did not look like this.  I think we got a lemon the first time.

I'm very happy with Furniture Row's warranty service.  We called on Wednesday and today our new sectional arrived.  They took out our old one and brought the new one in the same day.  The delivery guys were very nice and easy to work with.  I know that the quality of Furniture Row pieces is not always known to be the best when compared to pricier furniture stars, but for our first set of living room furniture that will eventually live in the "man cave," it's great.  

Yet the question remains: Is there any other way I can organize this sucker?

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