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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A DIY Chalkboard Frame & the Finished Front Door!

Well, I know it's an evening photo, but I just had to show this off:

I think I'm in love.  Head over heels kind of in love.  It's absolutely beautiful.  The third coat is what did it for me.  That and spray painting my hardware black.  

I would love a black knocker, so I'll be on the look-out for that.  Anybody know of ones you don't have to drill into the steel to hang?  Because I don't know how to do that, nor do I have the tools.

I promise that I'll take a daytime photo in the morning, but I was just so excited that I had to share!

Besides working on the front door pretty much all day long, my crafting buddy Abby came by tonight to make some DIY chalkboard frames!  I forgot to grab some before pictures, but these frames were found by her hubs.  Yay for free crafts!  They were plain wood frames without any stain, paint, or glass.  So, after a quick Home Depot run to get some plywood for the chalkboard part, we were all set.

We used Rustoleum's chalkboard spray paint, streaked one light coat of leftover paint onto the frames, lightly distressed, and popped the chalkboard where the glass should be.  And voila! 

Mine's on the left, Abby's is on the right.  So cute!

Distressing is my favorite part of crafts like this!

If you looked up "perfect distressing" in the
craft dictionary, this is what you would
I have so much paint on my hands and under my fingernails right now that my fingertips are literally sticking to the keys while I type (and I've tried to wash it off several times by now).  It's totally worth it though.  What a productive day!

Tomorrow, I have to get the school newspaper done, but after that it's going to be back to decorating.  I'm getting out those Fall decorations!

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  1. That third coat really did make a difference. Love it!!