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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some Cute Marshall's Finds!

I went up to the Cherry Valley/Rockford area yesterday with my cousin to visit my best friend, Betsy.  She just got an apartment up there about a week ago because she is starting her first teaching job at a Lutheran school in the area.  I miss her so much, but it's only about a two hour drive, so I'll be able to visit often.

There is some great shopping in that area, much better than in my town.  There are so many home stores, and Betsy made sure to take us there.  

We don't have a Marshall's in my town, but we do have a TJ Maxx.  I like Marshall's better, so I was so excited when Betsy said that we could go to one.  I could've spent a lot more money in that store than I did, but I restrained myself.  It was hard.

But here's what I got!

Yes, yes.  I'm becoming the Crazy Owl Lady. 

Cute EVOO holder.  It matches the
wall color perfectly!
I also found this cute Post-It dispenser for my classroom:

I picked up some cute clothes, too, but I'm not going to go on about them.  I was pretty stoked about the three items above, though.  

Stay tuned for an update on the downstairs bonus room color.  I don't have a crush on Cucumber Crush.  Not one bit.  In fact, I really hate it.  I've tried very hard to like it because the hubs loves it.  But I told him that it reminds me of a nursery or a hospital.  He said that if I don't like it, then change it because I'll never let it go that I hate the color.  He's right.  I will use up the remaining gallon of Cucumber Crush, however, as the first coat over the maroon.  It will need two coats no matter what, so I'm hoping that the new color covers up the Cucumber Crush in one coat.  Fingers crossed!

So as we speak, the hubs is at Home Depot picking me up a sample of Behr's Celery Bunch:

It's a bit more of a warm color than the mintish tone of Cucumber Crush.  I'm hoping that I like it.  This color swatch doesn't really show the true color that well, but it's pretty darn close.  I have a long day of painting ahead of me.    

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  1. i love that EVOO bottle holder! i need one of those!

    i hope you like the new color better.