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Friday, August 19, 2011

Look What I've Been Working On...

You may remember a few posts ago where I discussed my desire for built-ins in my downstairs bonus room.  

Well, get ready for a super sad face moment.  After looking at some blueprints online and pricing out some wood at various stores, built-ins are a bit out of our price range for now.  The hubs and I decided, however, that the next house we get will have built-ins; it's being added to "Alex and Bobby's Future House Must-Haves Lists." 

I was all depressed and thought I'd have to live with my crappy old bookshelves from my childhood days when I stumbled across this post from the IKEA Hackers blog.  

I am in love with this adorable space.

I thought to myself, "Daaaamn, those look good."  I marveled at the beauty of this amazing Billy bookcase hack for a bit before a thought came to me: I can totally do that.  

And do that I shall.  Just with taller bookcases because, being an English teacher, I own a crap load of books.

There isn't an Ikea within three hours of me, so I did a bit of online browsing before stumbling across something similar at Target--cheap, MDF, $25 bookcases that channel the Billy from Ikea.

So, I picked up three of those babies for a grand total of $75 and some change and home I went to put those suckers together.


Became this...

Which turned in to this...

And now looks like this...

See where I'm heading with this thing?  This is as far as I've gotten, but I'm hoping to make much more progress this weekend.  The plan is to get molding on the outside, just like the Ikea hack.

But I'm going to switch things up a bit.

Since nobody seems to carry wallpaper in the store anymore, I'm being forced to order it online.  So it could be a while.  I'll be putting this beautiful wallpaper from Lowes up on the back of the bookcases to class them up a bit (plus, I kind of sort of maybe put a little rip in the back of the shelving and need to hide my mistake).

If all goes well, the molding should be done by the end of the weekend.  Let's just hope I have my measurements right so the good people at Home Depot cut my molding correctly.

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  1. oooh i can't wait to see the progress! it looks great so far!