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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Not Sure That I Have a Crush on Cucumber Crush...

This afternoon I started the most difficult paint job of my life: painting the downstairs bonus room.  You may remember that I had purchased some samples and tried them out on the wall.  I was leaning toward Cucumber Crush, but then, late last night, I started to doubt my decision.

The hubs, who has never put any sort of input on a paint color to date, said that he would prefer Cucumber Crush.  That made up my mind since he actually cared about the color choice.

Well... I started painting and thought that the color was very bright.  I figured that a second coat would help darken it up a bit, since I could still see that terrible maroon through the first coat.  

It still looks too bright to me.  I don't know.  The second coat did help a bit, but I was wanting something... warmer, I guess.  I've only done about a forth of the room because I wanted to see what it looked like after a second coat before deciding if I should keep painting the whole room.

The hubs and I have also talked about putting a chair rail or some wainscoting in this room, so that might help make it less bright.  If we go with the chair rail, I was thinking we could paint the lower portion of the wall in the shade under Cucumber Crush, which is Rockwood Jade. 

Cucumber Crush is in the center.  Rockwood Jade
is the bottom color.
Thoughts?  I don't know what to do, and since this room is so gigantic, I don't want to waste a lot of time painting it a color I don't like.  I like the color, but maybe not for the whole room, which is why I think a chair rail with a darker color on the bottom would help.


  1. I think the reason you aren't liking it is because it is too 'clean' for the room. Basically colors can be classified as dirty or clean, and because it is such a clean color, it makes your carpet look even 'dirtier'. You could pick a green, just dirtied up a bit. I think if that were the case you would love it!

  2. based on the pictures it doesn't look too bright at all ... i like it but i think if you don't like it now you aren't going to like it when all the walls are covered in the color ....

  3. Thanks for the advice, Coley! I've gone and gotten a new color that is "dirtier" and much, much warmer feeling. I like it much better. I'm just taking a quick break from painting. I'll have a post about the finished product, probably tomorrow!