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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hooters! And a Mexican Souvenir!

I forgot to share the cool decor-related piece I purchased in Mexico on the last post.  There was this little handcraft market one of the nights where vendors brought stuff in to the resort and set them up in a plaza.  Also, on the beach, the same handcraft goods were sold in a stand near the resort daily.  I knew that I wanted something unique, not just a postcard or a shot glass, to bring back to the States with me.  There were these beautiful handmade and hand painted bowls, both ceramic and wooden, at the beach vendor.  They were literally painting them on the beach!  They were all beautiful, but this is the one I bought:

I'm not sure where I'll be putting it, but it's gorgeous.  It's very light, too.  Maybe when I get my bookshelves done downstairs, that will be its home.  

The end.

Wait... I guess you're wondering about the Hooters that this post promised. 

Poor guy needs to lay off the rodents;
he's a bit chunky.

Yes, that is an owl lamp.  I have one!  They must be pretty "in" because West Elm is selling this guy for $99 (and I've seen them at Target, too):

Hubby's best friend got me the owl lamp for our anniversary while we were on vacation.  The hubs received the new Packer's sideline hat, but this quirky little dude was sitting on our table when we walked into the house with a big sticker that said, "Happy Anniversary!"  What can I say?  I don't really hide how much I love owls.  

Now he can join this guy:

I'm not sure where I'll put my new owl lamp, but it will find a home somewhere in this townhouse of mine.  I'm really making the downstairs room my goal, so he will most likely find a nest down there somewhere in the near future.

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