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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

I made a little pit-stop to Home Depot this afternoon before lunch to pick up some paint samples for the downstairs bonus room.  Since I'm trying to go for a more cottage feel down there, I wanted something light and airy.  There were a few choices from Behr that I had in mind; check them out here.  I decided that the only one that I was interested in was Cucumber Crush, so I picked up a sample of that.  I also got a sample of Water Sprout.

Cucumber Crush is on top, while Water Sprout
is on the bottom.
Cucumber Crush is a little more of a greenish/blue tint, but Water Sprout is a little more yellow.  In the can, I like Cucumber Crush better.

I slapped up two coats onto the wall next to the curtains to see how each color would look.  It's a flat finish, whereas I will by it in eggshell, but it still gave me a pretty good idea of the colors.

I don't know why it's so darn blurry!  My camera

As you can see, it's a subtle difference between the two colors.  I'm still thinking that I like Cucumber Crush the best (the one on top).  Water Sprout is just a little too yellow for me.  So tomorrow, I'll make another run to Home Depot to pick up all of the supplies.  This room is huge, so I'll probably need two gallons, but I'll start out with one to see how far it gets me.  I'm sure that I'll need at least two coats to cover up that horrible burgundy from Hell.

Oh, and P.S.: This.  Is.  The.  Last.  Burgundy.  Room.  In.  My.  House.  Left.

And while I was at Home Depot, I picked up two house plants--ones that look difficult to kill.

The tag says it's a Chinese Evergreen.  Never heard
of it, but it's pretty.  I'll be re-potting it, though, in
something more attractive.

An aloe plant!  I need this sucker with how badly
I burn.
I'm excited to finally start in on that bonus room; it's been our hidden nightmare since last July. 


  1. i like Cucumber Crush best too!

    love the new blog design, looks great!

  2. Thanks! Thought I'd try something a little different, a bit more fun. I'm a fan of it so far, too!