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Monday, August 8, 2011

Cottage Style Inspiration

I may have mentioned that I am planning on getting my downstairs bonus room finished before school starts (in 2 weeks... boooo...), and I'm trying to find inspiration for the style of room that I want.

And I've decided: cottage style.  I love the look of crisp, clean, and somewhat rustic feel of cottage style decor.  I'm thinking that I want to paint the room in a lighter green, almost a greenish blue.  

Behr Cucumber Crush

Behr Green Myth

Behr Peridot

Behr Rockwood Jade
I don't know which one is my favorite; I may have to pick up some samples tomorrow morning.  I think that I like the Peridot or the Rockwood Jade best.  My curtains are a deeper gold:

And yes, that's plastic on the window.  It has a
broken seal so we got some of that plastic
window sealant that keeps the cold air in
until we get the seal fixed.
And this is my craft desk, which is really the inspiration for the feel I'm going for:

Light green knobs.
I plan on repainting my two bookshelves, which are oak, to match the desk.  My biggest issue is that the space is so gigantic and open, but I think that the first step to trying to define the space will be painting it.

So which color out of my four do you think would work the best with a "cottage" themed decor?

Here are a few of the inspiration pictures that I'm loving:

I love the mixture of prints, colors, and textures in this room.  The
built-ins and mirror over the fireplace is beautiful, too.

The natural elements in this room make me fall in love.  All of that
light through those big doors is gorgeous.

I love the window seat and the color of the coffee table and hutch.
I guess I could go a pale yellow, too...

Love those chairs and that awesome lamp.

I'm not too keen on the floral couch, but I love the distressed coffee
table and wooden chair.  The mixture of textures in this room makes
me drool.
I love every one of those rooms for different reasons, but the one thing that they have in common is how crisp they feel.  I don't quite know what I'll be doing in my space because I don't really have a way to define it since it's so large.  New furniture isn't really in the budget, and I don't know where it would go or how it would be arranged.  At this point, I think I'm focusing on pieces to put on the walls or even to fill the space.

The hubs and I had originally wanted a London pub theme down there where I could display all of my cool pictures from my trip to London, but I think I could put some of the good ones in black and white and still put them in the space.  I'm just really loving the openness and freshness of a cottage style right now and think it would work for my large open room. 


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