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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday!

What?!  It's Wednesday already?!  Can't believe it.  Here's the best thing about it being Wednesday: I get paid in two days.

And, in honor of my upcoming payday, I think that this Wishlist Wednesday should be devoted to partying, full of wishful thinking about a home bar!  I'm a big fan of a little vino, so I tend to celebrate with some Moscato or a sweet red.

I'd love to get one of these suckers in our downstairs, and we will (hopefully) eventually have one!  Here's a few that I'm a big fan of, but can probably never afford on a teacher's salary.

Daaaaamn!  Not really a fan of the cabinet color, but paint
those white or stain them cherry and I'm good to go!

This seems like a more practical option.  Plus, it looks like you
can take it with you when you leave the house.

Yes, this is in somebody's house.  It may look like a chic city
bar, but it's just downstairs!

Probably the most practical option for people like us.  However,
I'd swap out the center wine rack for a wine fridge.

Um... yes please!  This one is by far my favorite. 

Also loving the set-up of this one.  All it
needs is a sink.
And if I'm not wishing enough, here's something I know I'll never have:

Ooops... just drooled a little on the keyboard.

Oh, to be so rich I can have my own underground wine cellar.  Life must be rough.

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  1. One of those are on our wish list too - way down the road. Great images!