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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday! (And a few other tidbits)

I'm lusting after a lot of decor-related items lately.  I think it's because we're trying to save some money so we can put a down payment on a new car, and therefore I cannot indulge nearly as much as I'd like to in my decorating addiction.  

But what I'm really lusting after the most is a new runner for my entryway.  The one we have now matches our old paint job, that nasty maroon color that used to cover most of our house, and looks really bad with the light blue we have down there now.  I've been searching for a reasonably priced runner for quite some time now, but most of the ones are like are too expensive.  However, this being Wishlist Wednesday and all, I don't have to worry about the price at all!

$129 regularly, but $103 on sale right
now at West Elm!

I also love the idea of a simple jute rug.
This one is also from West Elm, and going
for $99.00 regularly, but $79.99 now.  This
one is actually affordable!

This is my favorite!  And guess what?  It's
on sale for $71.00 at West Elm!  Ah!  I might
be a bad girl today...

I love the texture of this rug from Pottery Barn, going for $129.00, a bit
too much for me right now.
Dang!  Since those West Elm ones are on sale, don't you think I should get one???  *Looks around for the hubby.  All clear.  He's at work.*  If so, which one do you think would look good in my entry, here:

Yes, pardon the laundry hamper.  I'm being an
expert multi-tasker today.
This is a Wishlist Wednesday dream that might actually come true!

And now for something completely different! (If you know what show this is from, you will officially be the coolest blog follower ever.)

I primed the nightstand!  And guess what?  With just one coat of streaky, see-through primer, it looks about five times better.

Just in case you forgot, here is the nightstand before it met Mr. Primer:

Check out those water marks.  Oh yeah, many bottles of water,
Gatorade, and nail polish remover graced the top left corner
of that nightstand over the years.
And now that Ms. Nightstand has gotten busy with Mr. Primer, here's what she looks like:

How can you still see those water stains!?  I really hope that they
even out after a second coat of primer before the paint.

And there you have it, kids, the first coat of primer is on.  There's no going back now (not that I want to).  I'll do the second coat this evening and hopefully start painting Friday.  Why not Thursday?  Well, it's a busy day and then... I'm seeing Harry Potter at midnight!!  My childhood will officially end around 2:30am on Friday, July 15th.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.


  1. Did you sand the top at all before applying the primer? I would bet that with another coat of primer, plus a few coats of paint, you will not notice them at all. Much better so far! Have you thought about hardware?

  2. Coley: The jute one is the one I ended up getting! I got it in the clay color, though. I really wanted the yellow one, but it was back ordered until September. I love them both for different reasons, and I think the jute will hold up to my dog's wild paws and my husbands dirty shoes better anyway.

    Jennifer: I did sand the top, but just the top. There were some imperfections in the wood from years of placing the wrong things on the top of the nightstand that I was able to sand out; it seemed like they were just in the stain coat, not the actual wood. However, the sanding could not erase the water damage; it must be too deep. I'm hoping it isn't noticeable when it's finished! I have thought of hardware, but haven't decided anything certain yet.