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Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a Productive Morning I've Had!

It's only 9:44am and I've accomplished a whole lot more than snoozing with the hubs and the puppy by this time today.  "Alex, why aren't you sleeping in?" you might ask.  Well, when you have to sleep on the couch with your parents' dog because your dog and their dog can't calm down long enough to sleep in the same room -- and then your parents' dog wakes you up at 5:47am to go to the bathroom and then wants to play -- you'd be up early, too.

So, rather than trying to go back to bed on my couch, which is very comfy (maybe even more so than  my bed), I decided to be productive because Gemma wasn't having any of going back to bed.

I made myself a big, strong cup of Starbuck's Vanilla Bean coffee in my favorite mug...

...and got to work on a few crafty things I had planned for later today.

One of my friends is having her bridal shower this afternoon, and after looking over her registry, there just wasn't anything that I could afford to buy for her.  She and her other half have lived together for nearly a year now, so they don't have a lot of the "typical" shower/wedding gifts on their registry; instead, there's a lot of appliances, like a Keurig coffee maker (if only I'd put this on ours) and a microwave.  So, rather than just get her a gift card or a rice maker that she'd just tuck away in a back closet and never use (I could totally re-gift my rice maker, if the friend in question hadn't attended the shower where I received mine.  Just kidding, I don't re-gift, but seriously this thing is just collecting dust.), I decided to make her a yarn wreath for her door!  She had commented on how much she loved mine yesterday when she dropped me off from the arts festival, so I know that she'll love it!

This time around, I decided to try the foam wreaths, the green ones made of floral foam, rather than the straw wreath.  I liked it so much better!  It's not so thick, and it's very uniform, whereas mine is a little chunky and uneven due to the straw.  So I'll be using those foam wreath forms from now on when I make on of these suckers.

Here it is, the final product!
Khaki and light blue are her wedding colors,
so I thought she'd like this color combo.

I love it!  I'm totally making one with
this color scheme for myself in the
I love the way this one turned out!  The foam wreath was so much easier and faster to wrap the yarn around, too.  I want to try out a few more different kind of felt flowers, such as the ones below, but since this wreath was a gift I decided to stick with what I knew I could make well.

These would be cute on a wreath.  I think a button in the
middle would be super adorable! 

Fun!  Love the colors!

I have a tutorial for these bookmarked.  I promise that I'll
try them next time.
By the time the wreath was done, it was only 7:45.  This is what Gemma was doing at that point in time:
Please, please let me in to see Zeke!
Both dogs were crying back and forth to each other through the door.  It was pathetic.  But, given the pure craziness of last night, I decided to keep Gemma on the opposite side of that door than Zeke.  Eventually, they both went back to sleep so I could start my second craft project of the morning!

At the arts festival yesterday, I was seriously jonesing for some hippie jewelry.  I'm talking about those leather, hemp, and suede bracelets that are really "in" right now.  

However, only one stand had them and they were, in my opinion, overpriced at $15-$25.  So when I made my Michael's run last night to get the wreath supplies, I used my handy little "20% off your entire purchase" coupon to pick up the supplies to make me some hippie jewelry!  Total for my leather and bead bracelet: $10.36  Score!

I followed this tutorial, since this was the first bracelet I've made outside of those embroidery floss ones you make when you're in junior high.  It was very easy to follow, so if you're a beginner, go ahead and try it!  The only difference I made to the tutorial instructions is that it tells you to cut 10-12 feet of thread; that's a lot of thread.  I did about four feet, and that was even too much.  All that thread gets tangled up as you weave the beads onto the leather cord, so I'd stay on the minimal side with the thread.  

And now, to reveal my first ever piece of real jewelry!

I love the turquoise beads the most! 

The tutorial also tells you to use a button for the closure, but I thought that a big knot would work just fine.  It does!  I slept with the bracelet on and it stayed no problem.

I'm thinking of trying the triple-wrapped bracelet next, which follows the same idea but it's several lines of beads long.  I think I've found a new hobby!

Damn!  10:14am and look at all the things I've accomplished already!


  1. your friend is going to love the wreath! it's perfect!

    great job on the bracelet too!!!

  2. I love that bracelet! I may be so bold as to try one sometime, too. And this past week, I made my first yarn wreath (luckily with the foam kind). I made flowers similar to the loopy ones, but spiky instead. They worked out great!

  3. I also love the bracelet. I may have to try that out myself!