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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Sugar Creek Arts Festival

Today, some of my best friends and I went to the Sugar Creek Arts Festival, which is held every year in downtown Normal.  I was so excited to go because I have wanted to go to this festival since I moved to the area, but the dates had never worked out.  

This festival is so cool!  I wish I had gotten pictures of the booths and the atmosphere, but I forgot my camera at home!  I'll do my best to describe it to you.  Basically, the entire downtown is shut down because the streets are full of different artist and jeweler booths from all over the Midwest.  I was expecting a lot of the pieces to be less expensive than they were, so I only brought $30 (but this was good because I could've easily spent $1,000 there!), but it was still fun to look at all of the unique items that were displayed in the booths.  Here are a few pictures I yanked off of the festival's website to give you an idea of what the street looked like:

Those pictures are pretty accurate to the atmosphere today.  The streets were packed and there were times when we had to wait in lines to get a look at the more popular booths.  It was hot (92 degrees!), so at one point in time, we took a dip in the fountain and slurped down some lemon shake ups.  

After several hours of browsing, here's what I came home with:

This artist was making these glass birds on the spot!  He had
a few other animals, but I have a thing for birds.  I couldn't
resist. What a unique talent!

A quirky little bird feeder that looks like a bug?  Yes please!

It's an added bonus that this is Packer colors.  And it's made out
of a Mason jar, washers, and recycled metal wires!  This booth
had so many cool recycled metal pieces for the yard; I wanted
them all!  

This cute bronze sun for the yard!  I thought I'd hang it
outside on the patio.

Glass hummingbird: $7.  Mason jar bird feeder: $15.  Bronze
sun: $10.  Wicked sunburn: Priceless. 
Overall, it was an awesome time.  It was really cool to see all of the unique talents that people in my community, as well as all over the Midwest, have to share.  I will most definitely be going again next summer! 

And now, off to tend to the dogs.  Yes, you read that right: dogs, as in plural.  Guess what I'm doing for the next week?  

If you guessed "watching my parents dog," you would be correct!  Although I love her to death, Gemma is a diva.  More of a diva than Zeke.  When they get together, craziness ensues.  And since we don't have much of a yard to speak of, most of this craziness will be happening in my house.  Here are a couple of snapshots taken within the first five minutes of Gemma's arrival:  

Gemma: I'm going to distract you by giving you kissed, then
steal the rabbit when you least expect it.
Zeke: I know I'm a ladies man.
Good luck to me!  This week should be interesting! 

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