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Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Lamp Re-Do

Remember this lamp that was hanging out on top of the nightstand?

Well, since I picked up some oil-rubbed bronze hardware for the drawers of my nightstand, I didn't think this lamp would "work" in room once everything was all refinished.  So, I used my trusty rustoleum  spray paint and... ta da!  It's like a whole new lamp!

I like it much better.  However, I think that the lamp shade looks a little plain with the rest of the lamp now.  So I'll be on the look-out for a new shade or, and this is a big "or" because I can't sew, I'll try this ruffled lamp shade tutorial from Just Lovely (which is an awesome little blog, by the way).  The sewing involved doesn't look too incredibly complicated, though, so if I can bum a sewing machine off of somebody, I might give it a shot.

And, just to keep you informed on Operation Goodbye Granny Bedroom Set, the second coat of paint is on!

Yay!  You can hardly see the water stains anymore!  They're
still easy to see when you're up close because the wood is
a little wavy, but it's not nearly as obvious anymore.

The detail work is coming along nicely, too.
It's not so streaky anymore.
I think I may need one more coat of paint, but then she should be done!  I'm so excited to see it all finished with the hardware.  Keep your fingers crossed that it can be done tomorrow!  

I'm not sure if I need to seal it or not, though.  I've read some mixed recommendations on this, so I don't know what is best.  To seal or not to seal?  Any suggestions on whether or not this step is necessary and what sealer is best?

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  1. the lamp and dresser look great! can't believe it is the same dresser! i've never painted furniture before so i have no idea if sealing or not sealing is best ... hope you get some input from other experienced bloggers!