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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Operation Goodbye Granny Bedroom Set: Phase 2

Today, Operation Goodbye Granny Bedroom Set entered a critical phase: painting.  Yes, folks, the painting stage has begun.  After giving the nightstand a second coat of primer yesterday evening, I ran by Lowe's on my way home from coaching swim practice today to pick up one of those nifty foam rollers.  I also selected hardware!

Here's what she looked like before I got the paint on her:
A second coat of primer really didn't do too much to cover the
water stains... I decided to do a third coat of primer on the top
instead of paint at this moment.  I'll get some paint on the
top tonight or tomorrow.
I opened up my little baby sample of Valspar's Bistro White and set to it.  I did the drawers first, thinking that if I ended up not liking the color, it wouldn't be that much ground covered.

Although the color isn't too much different than the primer, the
coverage makes a world of difference!
And here's the nightstand painted with the first coat (all but the top, that is)!

Loving it!

You can see that the detail work is still somewhat
streaky, but hopefully another coat of paint
fixes that up. 
I'm really loving how this is turning out.  I love that you can still see the wood grain and the details clearly through the paint.  It's like this nightstand was born to be white!

Oh yeah, I mentioned hardware.  I was thinking I wanted something with color and fun shapes, like the ones I mentioned here.  However, with how classy this is turning out, I found these oil rubbed bronze fixtures at Lowe's and thought they fit the character of my pieces.  What do you think?

Cute, right?
But remember how the nightstand had that weird little keyhole that you couldn't stick a key in?  Well, I had to spray paint that sucker to match the rest of the hardware.

"Keyhole" before...

This stuff rocks!

Keyhole after.  The MGD Lemonade cardboard behind
it adds a touch of class, don't you think?
I'm getting super excited with the progress on my nightstand and hope to have it finished this weekend!  I'll wait until tomorrow to get a second coat of paint on it, and hopefully have it all done by Saturday or Sunday!

I'm also thinking about spray painting the light that goes on our nightstand with the oil rubbed bronze paint.  Yay or nay? 

Sorry for the bad, 1/4 of the way cut-off picture, but
I'm feeling a little too lazy to go take another.  You
get the gist, though.

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  1. It looks great! I redid the hardware on my old childhood white furniture and I had to repaint the fake keyholes as well.

    I think you are going to LOVE it!